An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

I started investing at the age of 19 where I served a stint in National Service. Unlike many, the first ever book I picked up was “Secrets of Millionaire Investors” by Adam Khoo and Conrad Lim (I didn’t pick up The Intelligent Investor till much later). This was also at a time where I told myself that I shall not rely on my parents’ money anymore and start earning my own pocket money.

My journey started off rough with my first stock purchase. It under-performed the huge expectations that I pinned on the counter. This was when I realized that I was too quick to hop onto stock recommendations and became extremely bias towards a particular security without much prior research. This was when I began to invest into several books on Investments, particularly “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits” by Phillip Fisher and “One up on Wall Street” by Peter Lynch

I’ve also attended a investment course which taught me a wealth of information, ranging from how to scrutinise balance sheets, to investor psychology and how to make sense of a variety of ratios and statistics presented. I invested in a handful of companies off the bat with my DBS vickers account as well as my POEMs account. These value investments allowed me to make back my course fee and much more! However, I began to read articles across the internet to discover another form of Investing which fits my age and risk appetite. I would look towards utilizing the course strategy as I grow older and as I grow the portfolio.

Sitting on a Huge Warchest, I decided to sharpen my investment knowledge even further by reading more articles posted online by sites, watching countless videos of from the likes of the Swedish Investor to Peter Lynch lecture playbacks and watching CNBC (although its mostly doom and gloom there) on a daily basis and build my own security analysis strategy before entering the market once again.

This personal blog thus seeks to serve as a dairy for one’s investment journey as I re-entered the market during the Covid-19 Bear Market.

Feel free to follow me on my journey towards amassing my $1million dollar by 30 goal!

Thank you and Stay Safe Everyone!